Master Tonic is also known as Fire Cider   

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Master Tonic is also known as Fire cider, it is a highly concentrated healthy remedy which has been used  for many years. It contains super herbs and fruits such as horseradish roots, garlic, ginger, lemon, turmeric, onions and herbs. These ingredients are added in raw organic apple cider vinegar with the mother and steep together for weeks which is later strained and pressed to get the last drop of the golden spicy and tangy liquid called the Master Tonic.

What are the benefits of Master Tonic and why should I take it?

Master Tonic is traditionally known to boost our energy, it is believed to support and boost the immune and digestive system. Master Tonic has been used by our forefathers as a home remedy for thousands of years.

Master tonic is believed to help relieve inflammation, stomach bug and it detoxifies the body.

Master tonic is highly concentrated and packed with lots of super herbs.


How do I use Master Tonic?

-Take 5 ml to 10 ml Tablespoons daily as a "shot" (Drink a glass of water after taking a shot)
-Mix into your favorite drink or tea
-Use in salad dressing and condiments
-Use in marinades and sauces
-Add to soups