Organic black turtle beans, also known as just black beans, are rich in fibre and protein and are a popular ingredient in Latin American cuisine. They have a dense, meaty texture that adds substance to vegetarian dishes such as stews making them popular with vegans as a reliable protein source.

They are small in size and have shiny skin making them recognizable amongst other varieties of beans.

Benefits of organic black turtle beans

  • High in protein
  • Rich source of fibre
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • Good source of iron
  • Low in fat
  • Low in sugar
  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to prepare

How to prepare 

Dried beans must be soaked prior to cooking to remove any toxins and reduce cooking time.

  • Soak in a bowl of water and leave overnight
  • Drain from the water and transfer to a pan of boiling water
  • Bring to the boil and simmer for 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Drain and use in recipes as instructed

Ways to enjoy organic black turtle beans

  • Add to vegetarian stews for a delicious protein source
  • Use to in brownie recipes to add moisture and texture
  • Mexican black bean burritos
  • Mexican inspired refried beans
  • Cuban black bean soup served with rice

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