from a dream to reality...       

Fresh Lemons
Rosemary Sprig
Sliced Onion
Organic Tumeric

It all started when I told a friend about the health challenges I faced in my home. These challenges were stomach bug and flu which my children constantly contracted from school and play groups especially during the winter season. Unfortunately, when one is infected, almost everyone in the house gets infected too. After sharing these challenges with a friend, she gave me some master tonic and told me about its benefits.


When we started using master tonic, there was a great improvement in my family's health. We use it to support our healthy lifestyle, our immune and digestive  system. Also, the families I spoke to on the health benefits of master tonic and shared some of the master tonic with were so happy and would always come back for more.

In 2020 during the lock down due to the corona virus, I decided to turn master tonic into a business. It was a challenging decision, I prayed about it because producing this amazing  healthy traditional remedy requires a lot of hard work and would be time consuming. However, with the challenges and panic of the corona virus on social media, being healthy and helping others discover this traditional remedy that is traditionally known to fortify our immune system and enhance a healthy lifestyle became my passion.

Using my Masters degree in Business Administration, my determination and passion to live a healthy lifestyle including my experience in the food industry, The PHY (The Power of a Healthy You) was born. Its been a challenging journey so far but I am glad I took the bold step to make The PHY a reality. From making master tonic in small jars for my family to making a large batch for the public, we use 100% organic, non -GMO ingredients and lots of love. It's my dream to make master tonic an everyday home remedy and I hope you enjoy and benefit from it just like my family do.